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December 18, 2010

Wow I know it’s been like a year since I’ve posted here. I’m not entirely sure why I chose to do this, but I made another blog with the same title over at blogspot. The new one is more mp3 oriented, but I’m still trying to put thought into the writing. Check it out!



Top 10 Albums of 2009

January 8, 2010

Wow, I know this is over a week late and anyone who would care has already read like a million top ten lists…. But mine’s the best! Without further ado, here are The Top 10 Albums of 2009, replete with long-winded and pedantic reviews by yours truly. Beware, not for the faint of heart!

Top 10 Albums of 2009

10) UGK – UGK 4Life

“Back from the dead” are some of the first words you hear ooze from Pimp C’s mouth in between non-sequitur adlibs of Southern gangster slang on the “Intro” to UGK 4Life. Unfortunately, these words can be interpreted on a literal level as this album marks the first since Chad “Pimp C” Butler, one half of the legendary Houston duo, died on December 4th 2007 due to complications of sleep apnea coupled with an accidental overdose of codeine cough syrup concoctions.

Thankfully, despite the posthumous nature of this release, the music is never overbearingly self-memorializing, nor does it attempt to capitalize on the increased marketability of a dead recording artist. Instead, fans and critics can both be satisfied with an hour of fully realized, previously unreleased UGK tracks that are seeped in the group’s original brand of hard hitting and refined sleaze raps drenched in country twang. The two MC’s come together like two strands of hip-hop DNA in symbiotic unity on “The Pimp & the Bun”, while tracks like “Da Game Been Good To Me” and “Swishas & Erb” are reminiscent of their awesome 2007 double album, Underground Kingz. Akon and Snoop Dogg are among the handful of featured guests that never steal the spotlight but boost the core pair’s stylized swagger. Ultimately, the album is not flawless like the 1995 classic, Ridin Dirty, but it makes a very solid addition to the UGK catalogue. The ever-present Bun B closes UGK 4Life, and his voice on the “Outro” is comforting. I can only hope this suggests continuity, not closure, for the Underground Kingz.

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Big Star – Keep an Eye On the Sky (Box Set) – Do Not Buy From iTunes!

January 6, 2010

Big Star are one of my favorite bands of all time. For those who are not already familiar with the cult of Big Star, the band was formed in 1971 as the brainchild of Chris Bell and Alex Chilton. After their original masterpiece, #1 Record, failed to make a mark commercially, Bell left the band. Chilton went on to spearhead the next two albums – Radio City, a continuation of the debut’s masterful brand of pop, and Third, a deliberately harrowing album that antagonized itself from the mainstream before the opposite could occur. The group disbanded in 1975 leaving behind this trio of classic recordings.

Their music is expertly crafted, pure power-pop that synthesized the sweet and transcendent songwriting skills of the Beatles with the harmonious jangle of the Byrds as filtered through the rollicking qualities of bands like the Who and the Stones. Of course, despite the obvious influences, they were entirely their own band and the music always pointed towards the future as much as it paid homage to the past. The fact that Big Star has always evaded the radar of the mainstream has made them one of the quintessential cult bands whose influence on succeeding generations of indie bands is only surpassed by the Velvet Underground.

Anyway, the point of all this is that Rhino Records recently released a Big Star box set called Keep an Eye On the Sky. The set includes four discs covering the group’s three essential albums plus alternate takes and a live show from 1973. The set is also supposed to come with an extensive booklet filled with insightful essays and never before seen photos. I, however, was foolish enough to purchase this item on itunes who simply gave me mp3s of the songs with no digital booklet. Given the fact that I already have more than half of these songs, paying 50 bucks for a box set that lacks the booklet is a huge rip off. So, if anyone is actually reading this, I implore you to not buy this box set from itunes, and instead support the band through some other retailer. I repeat: do not buy this box set from itunes! They will rip you off!

Please enjoy this video of Thirteen [Alternate Mix] by Big Star
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Lil Wayne – Rebirth

January 6, 2010

Lil Wayne’s latest endeavor hasn’t officially dropped yet but it has already leaked (please don’t sue me, RIAA, I’m only the messenger). Call this post a preemptive evaluation of the album.

Rebirth fucking SUCKS! Honestly, whoever gave Wayne his misguided view of what “Rock” music is deserves to be shot, or at the very least forced to sit through a music history lesson. If syrup fried auto-tune warbling over shitty guitars, synths and drums is what passes as “Rock and Roll” these days then we are in a very sorry state, indeed. Fortunately, this is not actually the case, except for in Wayne’s world (and I don’t mean the movie starring Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey). Someone please play some Stooges, Velvet Underground or even Elvis Presley for Mr. Carter so that he can completely rewrite this crap album before the official release date. Considering all the delays so far, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Georgiavania and Funcrusher Plus

January 5, 2010

Georgiavania, the debut album by Willie Isz, came out in April of 2009. Willie Isz is a duo consisting of Khujo Mob, of Goodie Mob fame, and Jneiro Jarel. I really like this disc because it takes hip-hop into new directions while remaining grounded in a sort of Dirty South aesthetic. This innovative yet Real quality is what puts Georgiavania in the same category as Company Flow’s classic underground 1997 release, Funcrusher Plus. Funcrusher Plus, like Georgiavania, has the uncanny ability to transcend Earthly limitations and shoot straight into space while maintaining strong New York B-boy roots.

Check out the cover art and a sample track from both albums respectively.

If you like what you hear, go cop the albums or download them elsewhere cuz this ain’t that kind of blog, foo!

Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik

January 4, 2010

Yelawolf is a rapper from Alabama. He kind of looks like Jay from Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse and, in fact, if Jay was an extremely talented hip-hop artist redefining what it means to be a southern rapper, he might sound something Yelawolf. Of course, that isn’t to say that “15 bucks, little man, put that shit in my hand” isn’t one of the best rhymes of all time.

Highlights include “I Wish” which features Raekwon and sounds like Drive-By Truckers if they were hip-hop. Also, “Mixin Up the Medicine” features Juelz Santana and utilizes Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” to great effect.

DOWNLOAD: Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik

S’more Based God

January 4, 2010

Here’s a couple videos that perfectly exemplify Lil B’s artistic side as well as one that showcases his uniquely hedonistic party boy persona. In other words, the first two are the emotionally erratic Based God and the last one is the Pretty Bitch. Yes, Lil B calls himself a pretty bitch and makes it look damn cool.

Based God

January 4, 2010

Lil B has been insanely prolific with his output recently and flooding the internet with loads of tracks and literally hundreds of Myspace pages. Lil Wayne circa 2007 and Gucci Mane circa 2009 are testaments to the fact that creative rap genius can be achieved in a state of lucidity, not just in intensive singular concentration.

I copped Lil B’s first album/mixtape (the line between the two has never been more blurred), “I’m Thraxx” on itunes. The tracks were dope but I was slightly disappointed seeing as I was hoping for more of the experimental tip B has been on lately. Anyway, here’s one of my favorite Based God tracks, “Shoot the Bitch Bra”, along with his newest internet single, “Twerk Like a Pro”.

VIDEO: Don’t Block My Shine, Shawty

January 3, 2010

Okay so my lack of tech savviness is definitely holding me back with the blogging, but I’m learning fast so it’s all good.

I just saw the video for “Shine Blockas” by Big Boi featuring Gucci Mane. This is easily one of the dopest hip-hop tracks of 2009, so I’m gonna embed the video. I’m loving Big Boi chilling in the Wal-Mart at the beginning and Gucci’s absence actually adds to La Flare’s mystique. Is it just me or is being locked up at the height of his career actually doing something to stoke the hype flames? I still can’t tell whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Free Gucci!

Happy 2010

December 31, 2009

I’m a little self-conscious about starting a blog but this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so fuck it. I’m confident enough in my musical knowledge and writing abilities. Besides, what the world really needs in 2010 is another amateur blog about music, right?

The point of this blog is not to cover one specific genre, rather it should just reflect my personal tastes..