VIDEO: Don’t Block My Shine, Shawty

Okay so my lack of tech savviness is definitely holding me back with the blogging, but I’m learning fast so it’s all good.

I just saw the video for “Shine Blockas” by Big Boi featuring Gucci Mane. This is easily one of the dopest hip-hop tracks of 2009, so I’m gonna embed the video. I’m loving Big Boi chilling in the Wal-Mart at the beginning and Gucci’s absence actually adds to La Flare’s mystique. Is it just me or is being locked up at the height of his career actually doing something to stoke the hype flames? I still can’t tell whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Free Gucci!


2 Responses to “VIDEO: Don’t Block My Shine, Shawty”

  1. duackadjummew Says:

    Thank u 🙂 check out this emo boy hair on this blog:

  2. Quinton Azzara Says:

    […] VIDEO: Don’t Block My Shine, Shawty The 89 Vision – […]

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