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Lil Wayne – Rebirth

January 6, 2010

Lil Wayne’s latest endeavor hasn’t officially dropped yet but it has already leaked (please don’t sue me, RIAA, I’m only the messenger). Call this post a preemptive evaluation of the album.

Rebirth fucking SUCKS! Honestly, whoever gave Wayne his misguided view of what “Rock” music is deserves to be shot, or at the very least forced to sit through a music history lesson. If syrup fried auto-tune warbling over shitty guitars, synths and drums is what passes as “Rock and Roll” these days then we are in a very sorry state, indeed. Fortunately, this is not actually the case, except for in Wayne’s world (and I don’t mean the movie starring Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey). Someone please play some Stooges, Velvet Underground or even Elvis Presley for Mr. Carter so that he can completely rewrite this crap album before the official release date. Considering all the delays so far, that shouldn’t be a problem.